Going Raw – Day 16

A very good day. It seems this diet has either been about eating foods that taste good, but don’t benefit my body, or eating foods I don’t really like but feel really good. Today all three meals seemed to fit both criteria. My energy was consistent, my stomach was happy. I ate a mix of cooked and raw vegan foods today, and left out anything cold on the counter for a time before eating it. This seemed to work far better. Here’s what I ate today:


apple, orange, soaked pumpkin seeds, cinnamon processed in food processor


Lentil vegetable soup from yesterday
Chia cherry pudding (recipe below)


Steamed sweet potato, mashed with coconut oil
Tomato sauce over brown Basmati rice
Mix from breakfast with brocolli sprouts and red pepper
Chia cherry pudding

Chia cherry pudding:

After I made this, I grabbed the Agave thinking it might need more sweet flavour. It totally didn’t. I ate it and then sat happily waiting as my cells absorbed all the wonderful chia nutrients. Well, ok, I know digestion takes longer than that, but really my body seems to love chia.

1/2 cup chia seeds (soak first for a few hours or overnight0
1 cup fresh or frozen thawed cherries
1/4 cup raisins

Process in a food processor and enjoy. Makes plenty for 2 people to enjoy.

About Wendy Presant, Registered Health and Nutrition Counselor, Certified AIP Coach

I am a registered health and nutrition counselor with a special interest in helping caregivers dealing with autoimmune disease. I am also a Certified AIP coach. Caregivers often put other's needs ahead of their own, and consequently, their own health suffers. I can help you get back on track. To find out more about how I coach, you can book a free fifteen minute phone call at https://wendy-presant.practicebetter.io/#/5f2552f72a90290754264baf/bookings?s=5f2556142a9029075426521d.

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