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Going Raw – Day Seven

Progress! After one week of eating raw, I am now seeing some benefits. First, my digestion has almost normalized. I avoided almonds and lemon today, and had just a bit of greens, so that likely helped. Lots of soaked seeds today, both sunflower and pumpkin. There is improvement with my neck, about 1/2 as stiff as it was. Allergic rhinitis is about 80% improved. My weight is down 3 pounds, which puts me at a BMI of 19.5. I really don’t want to lose any more weight. The best news is that my waist:hip ratio is now 0.77 which is in the normal range for women. So I have dropped my chronic disease risk considerably. Facebook fans – thanks for the encouraging remarks and suggestions. Makes this journey a lot more interesting.


Large fruit salad of bananas, orange, apple, coconut, soaked sunflower seeds


Flax crackers
olive sunflower seed pate


curried pumpkin seed pate


Date, sunflower seed, carob, coconut balls