Hi, I am Wendy Presant, a Registered Health and Nutrition Counselor and Certified AIP Coach. I have a background in functional medicine, naturopathic medicine and nursing. I work virtually from my home in Guelph, Ontario. I have a special interest in working with people with autoimmune disease, especially if they are also juggling the role of caregiver. Leave me a message and we will schedule a call, or book a call here: https://wendy-presant.practicebetter.io/#/5f2552f72a90290754264baf/bookings?s=5f2556142a9029075426521d

  1. Thank you. I go to a Chinese medical expert and he actually saved my life in 2015-2016 when modern Anglo Saxon medicine only gave me Percocet and sleeping pills. This was the first โ€œjoinโ€ I actually researched and did not just ask to join the first page that popped up๐Ÿ’— I am an occupational therapist in skilled nursing and see tragedy every day but continue to go to work bc I get my cup filled by providing for seniors. It is wholly different caring for my own parents who have seen no one else except me for a year(brother three individual weeks home from NJ). I am terrified for when they need me daily. I am also convinced even the best facility in Nebraska is not good enough. There are so many employees who are only there to collect paychecks Thank you for your page๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™

    • naturalcoachathome

      Hi Karen, first of all, did you join my Facebook group, “Caring for Seniors at Home” which is a support group for family caregivers?

  2. naturalcoachathome

    Also, thank you for the kind comments. My goal is to help support the family caregivers who are doing such a wonderful job of looking after their senior loved ones. Here is the link to the free group I host on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/938000489975541

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